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interesting facts about indian hair

3 Interesting Facts about Indian Hair

Indians are known worldwide for their unique and beautiful hair. In fact, Indian hair is in high demand abroad in the International market for wig making as well. Thanks to our dietary habits, genetics and lifestyles, most Indian women have thick, long and dense hair. Read on to find out 3 interesting facts about Indian hair.

1) Healthy Hair

Did you know that Indian hair is considered as one of the healthiest hair types in the world? In a study conducted by scientists in the USA, it was revealed that based on the parameters of thickness, shine, smoothness and strength, Indian hair is extremely healthy and ranks high on the charts when it comes to other ethnicities.

2) Fast Growing Hair

The reason that most Indian women can flaunt long and beautiful hair is because the rate at which our hair grows is very fast. Although factors like age and genetics also play an important role in this aspect, it has been observed that Asian hair has the fastest growth rate of growing at 6.3 inches per year. Now if you needed more reasons to go for that big chop, you have it and if you’re a fan of long hair, then just let it grow!

3) Strong Hair

This can be attributed to the fact that Indians in general have healthy and balanced diets enriched with proteins, leafy vegetables, nuts and legumes, all of which are good for strong hair. Irrespective of a person being a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, the average Indian diet provides sufficient nutrients for maintaining healthy, strong and gorgeous hair.

Remember, that with good hair, comes the responsibility of maintaining it! Thus, it is important to include the right care for your hair with the correct shampoo and hair masks. The Godrej Professional Hair Care Range is a great choice since the products from this line are filled with nutrients and extracts necessary for good hair health and are specially crafted for Indian hair.

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