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Hair colour trends this Diwali

3 Hair Colour Trends to Try This Diwali

While you might be busy looking for the right gift ideas for your family and friends for Diwali, don’t forget that you need to gift something to yourself too. Diwali is not only the biggest Indian festival but also the perfect time to switch up your look and what better way to do this than to colour your hair! Read on to find out how you can transform your locks this Diwali with these hair colour trends that you need to try.

1. The Sombre

If you have been eyeing the ombre but are scared to go bold, then the sombre is the perfect alternative for you. A sombre is a subtle ombre and looks softer and more natural compared to its louder cousin. What’s great is that the sombre is a low maintenance look and also is ideal for brunettes. You could opt for caramel, honey or blonde tones to lighten the tips and accentuate your look according to your undertones.

2. The Bronze Highlights

Highlights are a great way to switch up your look this festive season. The bronze hair colour trend is an amalgamation of blonde and bronze colours and has a metallic finish which makes the hair reflect light, in turn looking shiny and lustrous. This style will also brighten up your face since the highlights will help break up the natural base of your hair. The Godrej Professional Colour Play hair colour in Molten Gold would be a perfect pick for this look as highlights.

3. The Caramel Balayage

While this summer was all about the faded balayage, opt for a more sophisticated look with a gorgeous caramel balayage this season. A caramel balayage will lend your hair the right amount of colour and also look extremely subtle and natural. Darker hair looks better with subtle colours and hence the Godrej Professional Colour Play in Caramel will help you achieve stunning results. You can explore Godrej Professional’s range of Ammonia Free colours. They have amazing shades to create a perfect balayage for Indian hair and skin tones. Ask your stylist for more details.