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hair colour myths

3 Common Hair Colour Myths Busted

Eyeing the perfect hair colour but not sure about it? When you finally decide on a hair colour after scrolling through Instagram trends, scrutinizing the various hair colour options and what will work best for your skin tone, the fear of hair damage begins to sets in. With so many hair colour options, there are a lot of misconceptions and myths out there. Read on to know the 3 common hair myths that you must not believe.

Myth 1: ‘Hair Colour Means Hair Damage’

FALSE. Hair colour does not necessarily mean hair damage but not taking proper care of your coloured hair can lead to damage. The process of hair colour involves opening the cuticle to allow the hair colour to deposit. If it isn’t done properly it can lead to hair damage. You could opt for an ammonia-free hair colour that won’t stress your hair out. Our Godrej Professional No Ammonia hair colour range doesn’t compromise with colour delivery while giving you soft and shiny hair.

Myth 2: ‘Hair Colour Leads To Premature Greying Of Hair’

FALSE. The hair contains pigmentation cells called melanin which generate hair colour. If your hair follicles generate high melanin content your hair colour is darker. Over time, hair follicles lose pigment cells, resulting in greys. Poor diet, stress levels, and lifestyle factors can contribute to premature greying of the hair. Hair colours only penetrate the outer layer and not the hair follicle. Hence, hair colour does not lead to premature greying but in fact, helps in covering greys.

Myth 3: ‘Hair Colour Leads to Hair Thinning’

FALSE. Many of us experience hair loss, split ends and dryness all of which lead to hair thinning and we can be quick to blame it on the hair colour. Lack of adequate moisture with or without the hair colour leads to hair damage. If you are facing any of these problems, we suggest you nourish your hair with a good shampoo that adds moisture and restores the health of your hair. The Godrej Professional range of shampoos and masks are enriched with natural ingredients and are completely colour safe. Choose the correct variant as per your hair type to restore your hair health and give your hair a moisture boost.