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13 Stunning hairstyles for straight hair

13 Stunning hairstyles for straight hair

Having straight hair is nothing short of a blessing. Straight hair is always very easy to style and maintain. There is an abundance of hairstyles for long straight hair. On the other hand, if you’re someone who has short straight hair then you must already know how low maintenance that can be! Moreover, if you visit a salon, you’ll realize how there are so many haircuts for long straight hair.

Pros of Having Straight Hair

If you’re lucky enough to have straight hair then the world is pretty much your oyster. You can experiment with all kinds of hairdos. However, before we delve into the best hairstyles for straight hair, let’s first understand what makes straight hair so fun and convenient.

  • For starters, straight hair is extremely easy to maintain. You don’t need to spend too much time trying to fix your hair before stepping out as straight hair naturally looks very neat and tidy. 
  • Growing out straight hair is comparatively easier.
  • You’ll never be short of hairstyle ideas! Having straight hair means you can go for any and every hairstyle of your choice. There are plenty of hairstyles for straight hair. 
  • Straight hair also suits faces of all shapes and sizes.
  • It’s easier to detangle straight hair. Moreover, with the use of the right products, you can keep it completely tangle-free. Godrej Professional’s Shampoos & Hair Serums for Frizzy Hair helps keep hair tangle- and frizz-free. 
  • Straight hair is also much easier to cut. Thereby making your salon visits quicker! 

Best Hairstyles For Straight Hair

There’s no ideal haircut for straight hair rule. Whether your straight hair is long, short, or medium length — you can make it look absolutely fabulous as far as you know how to pick the best hairstyles for straight hair. So, let’s take a look at 13 easy yet iconic hairstyles for people who have straight hair.

1. A High Ponytail

This is the easiest and most convenient hairstyle for straight hair yet it looks absolutely trendy. Just pull your hair back and wear it in a high ponytail. Adorn it with a bright scrunchy and you’re good to go!

2. A Sleek Pompadour

Sometimes having straight hair can make it seem like your hair doesn’t have volume. To change this, opt for a sleek pompadour. Simply backcomb the underneath part of your hair. Pull the hair at the front into a half ponytail and secure it with bobby pins to ensure it doesn’t fall flat. This is a great hairstyle for long straight hair.

3. A Straight French Braid

One of the many benefits of straight hair is that it’s very easy to braid in different ways. A simple french braid is perfect for when you want to feel at ease but also look chic at the same time!

4. A Messy Bun

Tying your up in a messy full bun is a very trendy look. It makes you appear casual as well as sophisticated without much effort. Spice it up with a fashionable hairpin. This is a comfortable hairstyle for long straight hair.

5. Waterfall Braid

A combination of a french braid and open hair, a waterfall braid is one of the best hairstyles for straight hair. In this, you braid half your hair, while the rest is left to simply fall over your shoulders.

6. Headband

For a great low-effort, last-minute hairstyle just push your hair back with a fashionable headband and it’ll keep your straight hair out of your face while also looking adorable!

7. Half Braids

Take a section of hair on both sides, braid them normally and then pull them back together while the rest of your hair cascades freely. Keep in mind, braiding works best if your hair is long and straight. If you plan on getting a haircut for long straight hair, then make sure to not cut them too short.

8. Add Some Layers

Adding some layers can do wonders to your straight hair by adding volume. It is one of the best haircuts for straight hair and never disappoints!

9. Bangs

Straight hair is ideal for getting bangs as you won’t need to put too much effort into maintaining your bangs. It’s the perfect haircut for straight hairboth long and short!

10. A-Line Bob Cut

Nothing accentuates the beauty of your straight hair like an A-line bob cut. It’s one of the best hairstyles for straight hair that looks classy and sophisticated even when you’ve just woken up from sleep.

11. A Straight Hair Pixie

If long straight hair is not your cup of tea, consider a pixie cut. It’s chic and super convenient in case of shiny, straight hair!

12. Long Cascading Hair With Shaved Sides

If you’re feeling experimental, you can shave either side of your hair. This hairstyle looks phenomenal on people with straight hair. It’s also easier to grow back the shaved hair if your hair is straight.

13. A Blunt Cut

If there’s anyone that can pull off a simple blunt cut, it’s people with straight hair. A blunt cut is when all your hair is cut to the same length. No layers, no bangs — it’s pretty basic but extremely vogueish!

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