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Woman with beautiful brown hair, holding a palette of brown shades

13 Brown Hair Colour Shades For Indian Skin Tones

While black looks bewitching and red looks stunning, brown hair colours are known to have a reputation of their own and are never going out of style. Period. It’s the perfect hair colour that highlights your skin tone without making you look ostentatious. And the best part about brown hair colour is that it suits all skin types. So, if you’re looking to switch over to the darker side of hair colours, then brown and its various shades are here for you.

Here is a list of the various shades of brown hair colour for Indian skin.

1. Light Brown

Lady with light brown hair colour shade standing in a tree forest

Yearning for a brunette look? Then this shade is your perfect pick. It’s a popular and neutral variant of light brown and is a perfect match for all skin undertones. It’s neither too dark nor too light and sports just the right look.

2. Dark Brown

Girl with dark brown hair colour shade

It’s a simple yet intense dark hair colour for Indian hair and is perfect to hide all your grey hair imperfections. You can also add subtle hints of golden lowlights to lend definition and character to your dark brown hair.

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3. Golden Brown

Woman with beautiful Golden Brown hair colour shade

Well, golden browns always look stunning. It’s a warm shade that looks beautiful on people with warm skin tones and hazel eyes. You can also amp up this hair colour by adding muted golden highlights to create a sun-kissed look.

4. Caramel Brown

Woman with Caramel Brown hair colour shade

>While caramel popcorn can make for a favourite movie-time snack, how about sporting the same as your next hair colour? Caramel brown is a delicious mix of mahogany and golden-brown hues, and looks great on women with both darker and cooler skin tones.

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  • 5. Chestnut Brown

    Woman with Chestnut Brown hair shade, holding lipstick and a hand mirror

    Chestnut brown is a stunning combination of warm shades such as deep brown, caramel, and golden brown. It sports subtle reddish undertones that spell elegance and sophistication like no other. It’s an ideal choice for those cool skin undertones.

    6. Mahogany Brown

    Woman with Mahogany Brown hair colour shade standing in forest

    If you’re looking for some cool shades of brown hair colour, then this hair colour can be your best choice. It combines a warmer shade of brown hair colour with subtle reddish undertones and looks gorgeous on cool skin complexions. You can also try a burgundy to enhance the red undertones.

    7. Ash Brown

    Woman with Ash Brown hair colour shade lying down at the beach

    Ash brown lies at the cusp of two stark hair colours, namely blonde and brown. It has cool grey undertones that add depth and volume to your tresses. This hair colour is a must try for those with warm skin undertones looking to neutralize the yellows of your complexion with a cool shade.

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  • 8. Cinnamon Brown

    Lady with Cinnamon Brown hair colour shade wearing black headphones

    Revamping the brunette hair colour is this cinnamon brown that sports a delicious mix of milky brown and daunting red highlights. To bring this hair colour to life, you can further enhance the red tones by pairing it with auburn highlights in a balayage style with a dark brown colour at the base. You can also read our Balayage vs Ombre guide for more information.

    9. Red Brown

    Woman posing with Red Brown hair colour shade wearing pearl necklace

    Confused between browns and reds? How about getting both! This hair colour is the perfect example of a seamless combination of red and brown shades. Besides, it’s also got a wide spectrum of variations for you to experiment with. Shades that are browner suit those with fair skin, while those that are redder go well with dark or tanned skin.

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    10. Iced Chocolate Brown

    Woman with Iced Chocolate Brown hair colour shades wearing white top

    Looking for professional hair colour highlights for Indian skin? Iced chocolate brown is as good as it sounds. It’s a hair colour that suits all skin tones. For those with an intense chocolate brown hair colour, this neutral shade will look nothing less than a stunner.

    11. Copper Brown

    Woman in the desert with Copper Brown hair colour shade

    If there’s one colour that can make your mane look full and voluminous, then it’s this stunning copper brown hue. This hair colour suits all skin tones and is perfect for those with naturally brown colour.

    12. Mushroom Brown

    Woman with Mushroom Brown hair Colour shade standing amidst a winter forest landscape

    Mushroom is polled as one of the best colours among the brown hair colour shades. It falls in between a grey and a washed out brown colour. This super-cool hair colour lends an edgy appeal to people with warm skin tones and looks best when paired with an ombre.

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    13. Toffee Brown

    Happy Woman with Toffee Brown hair colour shade

    ‘Delicious’ is the word for this beautiful shade of light brown hair colour. It lights up those with cool skin undertones.

    These are some brown hair colour shades meant for Indian skin tones. If they’ve inspired you, try them out; you won’t be sorry! Once you colour your tresses, you must take good care of them by using colour-safe haircare products like a colour protection shampoo. To that effect, you can choose from a wide range of products offered by Godrej Professional. Click here to visit the store and check out the exclusive haircare products now.

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